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Our team of creative and passionate professionals are here to ensure you have the best possible experience within The747Club.  We continuously work to create new, interesting and engaging events for our members to enjoy.  Each section is looked after by an individual section head who has both passion and experience in the chosen activity thus ensuring events are well considered, meticulously planned and available to all.  If you have an idea for a section that is not yet included then please get in touch.  

If you would like to volunteer to run a section we'd love to hear from you, as the club expands so will our dedicated team. Contact us

Golf Club and Ball
Section 1    Golf


Steve Allright  B787 

Section Secretary Steve Allright is hoping to have enough interest to organise several 747Club Golf Days at different venues throughout the year.

All abilities welcome, high handicappers, experts and even bandits! The days should provide the perfect backdrop to 747 reminiscing and some lively banter over a few drinks at the 19th.  Golf days will have the option of partners and The747Club non golfers joining for dinner.  Anyone interested  please get in touch.      


Cycling in Nature
Section 2    Cycling


Stu Coombes  B787 

It’s obvious to all that those who cycle are passionate about their hobby.  The Club section Secretary, Stu Coombs, is no exception to this rule.  If you feel like minded about your cycling then get in touch with Stu and join one of our organised ride outs around the country.  Whether it’s for keeping fit, being part of an organised group  or just to be out and in the fresh air, we’ll be able to find a ride out for you . No doubt there will be a stop off somewhere nice for some light refreshment.  Contact

Image by Simon Fitall
Section 3    General Aviation


Roger Pugh  Rtd B777

Aircraft owner, instructor, aerobatics ace or just for fun, join the section and become part of an immensely experienced and eclectic group of pilots. Section Secretary, Roger Pugh, can put you in touch with other members whether they’re experienced owner operators or just out to meet up at the local flying club for a coffee. Fly outs, dawn patrols, aerobatics, competition flying and even helicopter experiences are all within our remit through the extensive experience and qualifications of our members.  


Sports Car in Storm
Section 4    Cherished Cars & Motorcycles


Alan Pashley  B777

As pilots, we have a love of all things mechanical.  We tinker, change, restore, renovate and research, whether it’s a vintage car or an old motorbike in the garden shed.  So if you have that vintage MGB, are restoring a Bug Eyed Sprite, or even own a new Triumph Boneville, then get in touch with  the section head.  Drive outs, meet ups and the odd concourse are all in the mix, as well as hopefully being able to provide a source of knowledge and experience for all members whether it’s restoration, touring  or more than likely just tinkering.   Contact. 

International Flags
Section 5    International 


Di Wooldridge  B787

This is a 'coming soon' section.

The aim of the section is to include and connect our friends and colleagues from around the world.

As our international membership grows  we hope to organise local events, arrange meet-ups and connect families.  

If you live somewhere beautiful, exotic or just really far away, then join us and help grow this section. 



Aspiring Pilot
Section 6    The 747 Foundation


Club Secretary

This section is dedicated to The 747 Foundation which will in time become the charitable arm of  The747club and deliver on the legacy of the 'Queen of the Skies'   This section will be the creative, innovative and beating heart of the club.  This is where we will make the impossible happen and help shape the futures of those who look skywards, as we once did.   This is where the blue sky thinking happens; join us.   


Wine Tasting Events
Section 7    Social Events


Events Team

The Events Section is responsible for the planning and organisation of The747Club social events throughout the year.  Events will vary between large social occasions involving all Club members to smaller section get togethers of a more informal nature.  Information on events will be disseminated at regular intervals to all members allowing those that wish to attend sufficient time to plan ahead.  Individual section events will be planned by section secretaries.  The aim of the Events team is to organise occasions that link all members and provide suitable venues that will be enjoyed and appreciated by all. 


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